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Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek (Kirgizstan),
district og GES-2, Chernyshevskogo st.65
(+996 550) 108 739Work
(+996 558) 388 321, Whats app
(+996 550) 63 44 22,  Whats app

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19.11.20 unknow: Is your friend at Issyk Kyl
Administration:Hello. Sorry but i do not understand.

02.03.20 Tom:Do you have any lada Nivas to rent?
Administration:Sorry nut i do not have Lada Niva. Maybe later

26.02.20 Vladimir Bucur:Hello! i will come in Xxxx in Biskek and i would like to rent an economy car for X days. i would like to go to the south shore of Issyk Kul, Fairytale canyon "Skazka", Barskoon Waterfall, Seven Bulls rock, Altyn-Arashan and Karakol. is it suitable to do this with a car from economy class? how much i will pay?
Administration:Please check your e-mail.

14.10.19 Ronaldo:Hello. I'm starting to plan a visit to Kyrgyzstan next august and i would like to know if it is possible to pick up a car in Osh and them drop it off in Bishkek. It it is possible, whats the extra price for this? Thank you very much!
Administration:Hello. Yes it is possible. Pick up car in Osh - 10 000 soms (near 144 usd).

22.09.19 Paul van Gastel:Is it possible to pick up a car in Osh and drop it off at Bishkek airport? What would be the costs for a 5 day rental in October?
Administration:Hello. Rent from 1000 soms per day (near 13 eur) to 4000 soms per day (near 52 eur). Pick up car in Osh 10000 soms (near 140usd). Drop off car in Airport Manas in Bishkek 1500 soms (near 21 usd).

30.08.19 Sabina Kania:Hi, I am searching to rent a car without driver for approx. a week. But I need also 2 car seats for both my babies (3,5 years old and 1,5 years old). Do you have child seats. How much does it costs? Kind regards, Sabina Kania
Administration:Hello. Price for rent a car 1000-4000 soms per day. Child seats - 400 soms on all period of rent each. You can make reservation on website if you know dates of rent.

09.08.19 Radmila Bubeníková:Hallo, I sent you a reservation for a car rental (Nissan Almera Tino ) from XX.X.XXXX to XX.X.XXXX. I have not received your email confirmation. It's confirmed? Thank you for your answer.
Administration:Please check your email. I resend email. Please also check in SPAM (Maybe)

05.08.19 Omar said:Hi, I need to rent a car from ХХ xxxxx to Xst XXXX XXXX
Administration:Sorry but i do not have any cars on this period.

08.07.19 Paula Thiery:Hey, we would like to rent a car from XX.XX. for xxx xxxxx. Are there cars for 21 years old to rent?
Administration:Please use website for looking available cars on this period. Our cars 21, 19, 18, 15, 5 years old

19.05.19 Pots Joren:Hi, we would like to rent a car in Bishkek this summer from Xxxx XX till Xxxx XX: XX/XX/XXXX - XX/XX/XXXX. We would like to have a 4 wheel drive. We would also like to know which cars are available and what the price will be. Also we were wondering if we need to take an extra insurance? Thank you Kind regards, Joren
Administration:Please check email. Thanks.

10.05.19 Kelvin Klaun:Hi may I pick up the car at the Manas Airport ? Wil you bring the car on my arrival ? km are unlimited ? insurance ? Thanks Kelvin
Administration: Hi. Yes you can pick up car in Airport (24 hours). Limit 300 km. per day. All cars have insurance.

06.05.19 Jaroslaw Szczerbowski:Can we borrow in your company child seat? If yes what is price. We will visit Kirghistan in August. We would like to go to Songköl. Do you think normal small car will be sufficient. Thank You in advance, Jaroslaw
Administration:Hello. Yes you can, child seat for 1-3 year, 3-5 year - 400 soms on all period of rent. For visit Song Kul i recommend SUV.

17.04.19 Martin Nilson :Hi! What does the insurance included cover? And how much does it cost if it is stolen or damaged? Br Martin Nilson
Administration: Hi. 300$ - if stolen car, damage car.

11.04.19 sun maya:hello do you have any cars WITH driver to rent, if what are the costs for 1 person. Yours Maya
Administration:Driver - 2000 soms per day.

22.12.18 LUCA ORSINI:Good evening, I sent you a reservation for a car rental from XXXXXX Xrd to XXXXXX XXrd. I have not received your email confirmation. It's confirmed? How can we agree on the place of withdrawal? We will land at Bishek and take the car directly. Can we meet at the airport or should we take a taxi to your agency in the city?
Administration:Good evening. Please check youe email again (i send confirmation again). It is confirmed. We can meet in our office, your hotel or in airport. i will wait your answer by email. Thank you.

11.10.18 Edyta:Hello, We are interested in renting a 4x4 car (self-drive) from Osh (ХХ/ХХ/ХХХХ) to Bishkek (ХХ/ХХ/ХХХХ). Please let me know if you have any available car, if so also the total cost.
Administration:Sorry but we do not have any car on this period.

08.09.18 robert:Hello there, we would like to pick our car in Bishkek. Could you tell me where is the location please? Thanks.
Administration:v.Alamudun, district of GES2, Chernyshevskiy st.65. +996 558 388 321, +996 550 108 739

02.07.18 Sophie Dubernet:HI, We are 2 drivers and we are french. Do we need an international driving licence ? Thank you for your diligence,
Administration:In Kyrgyzstan you can drive only if your drivimg licence on english, russian, kyrgyz languages.

02.07.18 Sophie Dubernet:Hello, We are 2 people and we would like to rent a vehicle from and back to Bichkek airport, from the XXth of xxxxxx (morning)) to the XXth of xxxxxx (evening). We will be travelling towards Chon Kemin, Karakol, Son Koul etc.. What do you suggest at a budget price and available ? We are 2 drivers and we are french. Do we need an international driving licence ? Thank you for your diligence,
Administration:Hi. List of available cars on this period. For Song-Kul you need SUV. You need international driving licence if your driving licence not in english.

17.04.18 krzysztof:Hi, 300 km limit per day applies each day of travel separetely or in case of e.g. 10 days it is 3000 km?
Administration:3000 km on all trip.

31.03.18 Nitish saini:Hi , I would like to rent a car for 1 or 2 month . Can you please tell me the process and price list of the car and car name
Administration:Please check your email. Thank you.

21.03.18 John Mo:Hi there, I'm looking to hire a 4x4 to drive the Pamir Highway and was just double checking whether your cars are insured to drive outside of Kyrgyzstan? Many thanks, John
Administration:Please check your e-mail. We have 2 cars with international insurance - Lexus RX300 black and Lexus RX330 4WD

08.02.18 Marko Kasal:Please provide following info: Can I use, from Russian Troika rented car, on Pamir highway in Tajikistan. Thank you!
Administration:Yes of course. Please Check your email. Thank you.

27.11.17 Gregor Sluga:Dear I'm going to travel around Kyrgyzstan next summer from XX.X. to XX.X. with my family (wife + 2 dothers). We were thinking of hire a car for a part of our trip. I was looking for yours Nissan X-trail for the period of app. XX days. Our rout will be Biskek - Song-Kol - Tash Rabar - Ysyk kol - Karakol - Bishek (with smaller side trips of course). Can we expect some discount for longer period of renting a car or the price on your web peage is valid ? Thank you for your reply ? Gregor Sluga Slovenia, Europe P.S. Is smaller car as Honda Fit suitable for a trip like described ?
Administration:Please check your email. Thank you.

16.07.17 Michal Gruszka:Hi, we would like to rent a small car (4 people with backpacks on issyk kul) from XX.XX to XX.XX, could you send me list of available cars and terms on e-mail?
Administration:Please check. Thank you.

31.05.17 Alena Salasova:Hello! we are 4 people with 4 backpacks and we want to rent a car (jeep) from XX.X. till appx X.X. Could we book such a car with you? I booked the car online but haven't gotten any confirmation yet. Thank you! A
Administration:Please check your e-mail address. Thank you.

09.05.17 JINIL KIM:Hello, i am JINIL from S.Korea. i and my wife will travel Kyrgyzstan on ХХth - ХХth, ХXX. We will leave to bishkek from almaty(arrive by airplane) on XXth May. We will travel Kyrgyzstan from XXth to XXth. So we want to take a rent car and travel some city on kyrgyzstan(Kochkor, Naryn, Tamga, Karakol). Can i ask one question?? If we rent a car from your company, how to receive a car? (your company location is not city center.)
Administration:Please check your e-mail adress. Thank you.

25.04.17 Andrea Hess:Hi, we´d like to rent a car this summer. Is it possible to cross the border to Kazakhstan with your cars? Thanks
Administration:Only one our car have international insurance - Lexus RX300 black. Please use this car for cross border to Kazakhstan.

30.07.16 espar samblik:We are looking car ХХ-ХХ.ХХ. Can you offer some 4x4 car. Regarsd, Espar, Estonia
Administration:Hi. Please check E-mail. Thank you.

21.06.16 Boinnot Corinne:Bonjour Nous sommes une famille de 4 personnes et avons besoin d'un 4x4 pour visiter le pays du ХХ/ХХ au ХХ/ХХ à partir de Bishkek. Nous avons le permis international. Comment faire s'il vous plait? Corinne
Administration:Hi. List of available 4x4 car on your e-mail. Please check. Thank you.

15.06.16 York Tsui:HI, I would like to rent a car, can I pick up in Bishkek airport and return in Osh?thanks
Administration:Hi. Sorry, but you can pick up car and return car only in Bishkek or airport Manas.

05.05.16 JH Kruize:The following 3 questions: - Third Party Insurance? (How much) - Theft Insurance? (How much) - What parts of the car are not covered in the standard insurance?
Administration:1) 5000 usd (2500 usd for health, 2500 usd for another) 2) You leave only deposite 3) Engine, tires, interrior

09.02.16 Ogi:What type of car is usable fora trip to Ala-Archa and Issyk-Kul? Is Honda Fit ok for this? Thank you
Administration:Yes of course.

10.10.15 primo:Hi, coming to Bishkek in 3 weeks, would like to rent a car at your place, probably Honda Edix 2005 year, V 1.7, ATM, petrol, RHD, 4WD (deposite 300$) 41$ / 30EUR. Is this price with insurance? Can we rent a car in Bishkek and leave a car in Karakol? If not how much would be car with driver Bishkek via Song kul to Karakol 2days? Thanks for reply.
Administration:Hi. Sorry but we don`t have any driver for our cars. You can rent car without driver. Honda edix - 1500 lgs per day (on 21.08.15 near 22 usd or 20eur). Base price in soms You cannot return car in Karakol, only in Bishkek or airport Manas. THank you

27.09.15 Ynte Bakhuizen:Hello! Can we rent the white Honda today? Greetings, Ynte Bakhuizen
Administration:Sorry but this car and any small car not available on today. Please choose another car (sedans or minivans)

26.09.15 Ruud Franssen:Dear Mister / Miss We would like to rent a car (4x4) from Xxxxxxx X xxxxxx XXXX until Xxxxxxx XX xxxxxx XXXX. Can you give me information about the options, cost, insurance (theft an accident). Thank you very much. Best regards, Ruud Franssen
Administration:Hi. Please check your email address. Term of rent car and prices send by email. Thank you

03.09.15 Lukasz:Hello, I'm interesting in rent a car between Xxx xxth till Xxx xxst. I see in your offer cars for 20-30 $. Is it a full price or you need any additional fees?
Administration:Hello. All terms of rent car send by email, also list of available car (20-30$). Please check email. Thank you

03.09.15 Nadir:Hello, We would like to rent one of your 4WD starting Хххххх Х for Х days. Is it posssible to reserve? Also, is it possible to pick up a vehicle in Osh and drop it in Bishkek ? Awaiting for your kind reply. Sincerely, Nadir
Administration:Hi Nadir. List of available 4x4 cars and our term of rent sending on your email. Sorry but you can get car only in Bishkek or airport Manas. Thank you

25.08.15 Johny:Hi, We would like to rent the Honda Fit for 6 days this week if possible? (Maybe XX.XX - X.XX) Please could you let me know if it is available and how much it would cost? Thankyou
Administration:Hi. Honda fit on 6 days = 6000 kgs (deposite $300).

23.08.15 Andrej:Hi, I want to come to Kyrgyzstan after XXth of Xxxxxxxx for around 3 weeks and I'd like to rent your car Honda Fit. Is this car available and is the price 21 USD per day still actual? Do you know if I can enter Tajikistan with your car for a couple of days and then come back to drop it off in Bishkek in the end of the trip? Thanks a lot for your answer. Kind Regards
Administration:Hi. Honda fit - 1000 kgs per day. in usd on this date (1 usd = 61kgs) - $16.39. Rent Honda fit on 3 week (21 days) - 21000 kgs (near $344). You can rent only in Kyrgyzstan

20.08.15 Bartek:Hi! Me and my friends ( 7 persons at all) we would like to rent this Pajero form xx xxxx to x xxxxxxx. So is this car is available in those days and is it fit 7 persons on board. Greetings Bartek.
Administration:Sorry but Pajero not available on this period, but you can rent another jeep for 7 person (Lexus GX470) or 4x4 minivan (Toyota Estima). Please check email. thank you.

19.08.15 Emil:Is it possible to rent a car and travel to Issyk-Kul and back? thanks
Administration:Hi. Yes of course. On Issyk-Kul you can take any car (small/minivan/jeep). Please choose car and wait confirm from our company.

19.08.15 Jay:Please check the mail and gimme the terms and conditions of car rental for mid-June. Thanks in advance
Administration:Hi. Term of rent and list of available cars send toy you by Email. Thank you.

18.08.15 klaus wohlmann:good morning, we (me and my wife) are planing a trip in kirgisien from XX.XX.2015 too XX.XX.2015 we want to rent a vehicule jeep land rover can you give me an offer fot this activity thanks a lot regards klaus wohlmann
Administration:Good afternoon. on this period we don`t have any jeep, but we can give you 4x4 minivan. List of available 4x4cars (minivan and sedan) send bu email. thank you.

15.08.15 Miroslav Tuna:Hello I am Czech citizen and i would like to rent smaler car Honda FIT or Mazda 323 fromXX xxxxxxx-X xxxxxxxxx,how much is the price for this period of time.Is possiblle obtain some discount for such long time of renting.Thank you for quik answer. Tuna
Administration:Hi. list of small car available on this period you can see on Email.

14.08.15 javier moreno:Dear Gentlemen We are a Spanish couple who want to visit this summer and explored Kyrgyzstan. Our idea is to rent a car without driver in Bishkek, for 5 days. We arrived at Bishkek airport, and then we will go to the airport in Osh to return to Spain. Is it possible to pick up the car in Bishkek and then return the car in Osh? If this is possible, is there any additional cost? Do you can make a budget for a Nissan Patrol or similar car?
Administration:Hi, on your email i send list of available car with 4x4. We also can meet you in airport with car, but you can not return car in Osh - only in Bishkek or airport Manas.

08.08.15 jaroszek:We want to rent 2 cars (4WD) from XX XX XXXX to XX XX XXXX .What is the total price ? We will come to Bishkek from Almaty - 9 people from Poland and we wre going to visit Kyrgystan .
Administration:Hi. list of available 4x4 cars send by email. Also i send term of rent and total price.

07.08.15 Masschaele Tom:Dear Sir We would travel to Bishkek the XXth of xxxxxxx, would it be possible to rent a car for about XX days? We are X persons, one child, from Belgium and one has an international driver license. sincerely yours
Administration:Hi. on your email i send list of available cars on this period with price on all period. Thank you.

07.08.15 Lukas:Dear Sir / Madam We would be interested to rent a car for the period of ХХth to ХХth of Ххххххх, if available. Is it necessary to book in advance, or can we just step in? Thank you very much, Lukas
Administration:Hi. please check your email. If you wand make reservation for car - you need:
1)Agreed terms and price for rent (on email)
2)Send photo of your passport, drive license and ticket
3)Confirm us before 10 days

06.08.15 robin:Hello I would like to rent the land rover today for 10 days. Is this possible?
Administration:Yes of course. On your email we sent the price and terms of the lease

06.08.15 David:Hi, i would like to rent Honda Fit from the ХХ.Х - ХХ.Х Is it available and how much will it cost?
Administration:Yes, this is car available on this period. You can make reservation. Instruction on your email.

03.08.15 Peter Day:Hello, I am interested in renting a small car (only 1 person) for 4 days xxxxxxx XX at 10:00 to Xxxxxxxx XX at 17:00 to go to Issyk Kul and Song-Kul. Can you quote me a preice please?
Administration:Please check email. All available car on this period with price send by email. Thank you

31.07.15 abdulaziz:hi i want rent this car ХХ days from bishkek how match price from this days in Х ХХХХХХХ thank you
Administration:Hi. List of available car on this period with price on XX days sending on your Email. Please check. Thank you.

28.07.15 Ardjan Langedijk:Dear Sir/Madam, is it possible to rent a car in Bishkek and leave it in Osh? Best regards, Ardjan Langedijk The Netherlands
Administration:Sorry but you can tate and return car only in Bishkek or Airport Manas.

20.05.14 Dan:Hi there. I am looking for a long term rental until XXXX 2016. What sort of rate can you offer? Thanks
Administration:Hi. Please check your email. Thank you

23.12.13 Leif Kristensen:Dear sir We, a family of 3, are having a holiday in your country in june. We would like to rent one of your cars from the ХХ. of хххх to the ХХ. of хххх, ХХ days. (maybe one more day) Our plan is to drive to Lake Issyl Köl, visit Karakol and surroundings and... We are not familiar with the conditions of your roads so what kind of car would you recommend. A normal car or a 4wd? We are experienced drivers. Leif Kristensen Copenhagen, Denmark
Administration:We are recommended 4x4 car, but on this period we don`t have any jeeps. But now arround Issyk-kul road not bad and you can drive on simple car withou 4WD (like Toyota Windom or Honda Accord).