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Highland Lake Sary-Chelek is considered to be the most beautiful place in the west of Kyrgyzstan. It lies at an altitude of 1940 m above sea level in the foothills of Chatkal range, 500 km from Bishkek (the capital) and 300 km from the town of Osh

Ala Köl, also Ala-Kul, (Kyrgyz: Алакөл) is a rock-dammed lake in the Terskey Alatau mountain range in the Ak-Suu District of Issyk-Kul Region of Kyrgyzstan. It means "motley lake" in Kyrgyz language. Located in the upper reaches of the river Kurgaktor (right inflow of Karakol) at an altitude of 3532 meters. It has a glacial origin: the glacier after the retreat still occupies the upper part of the valley.

Issyk-Kul Lake - the largest lake in Kyrgyzstan, is included in the 25 largest lakes in the world by area and in sixth place in the list of the deepest lakes. The lake never freezes, and so it is called "Warm Lake" - (perev.Yssyk-Köl Kyrg.).

This lake is surrounded by mountains and is very popular among tourists in the summer. The beaches are sandy, and the lake lying and sunning on the beach, you can see snow-capped mountains that surround the lake is warm. The spectacle is very surprising.

During warmer months, gaze of curious tourists be presented truly pleases the soul of the picture. There were no tall trees or fluffy thickets of bushes, but a variety of herbs and flowers is able to touch the imagination of even the most experienced artist.

A trip to Salt Lake, or as it is also called the "Dead Sea" on the south coast of the Issyk - Kul is a popular destination for tourism in the Issyk - Kul, as well as a popular "health tour."

While swimming in the lake, tourists can "read the paper" is actually lying on the water, because the salt content in it is very high, people who can not swim, can never drown in the lake.

After gryazyvyh baths you can swim in the clear waters of the Issyk-Kul Lake, located 400 meters.