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Rent a car in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek (Kirgizstan),
district og GES-2, Chernyshevskogo st.65
(+996 550) 108 739Work
(+996 558) 388 321, Whats app
(+996 550) 63 44 22,  Whats app

Need for rent a car:

  • Passport (you must be over 23 years old),
  • Driver’s license (international),
  • Deposit 300$,
    (deposit refund back when you return the vehicle).

It takes no more than 5 minutes !!!

Additional service:

  • All cars with full tank and clean, please return the same,
  • Limit in one day - 300km, if more - 1km = $0.1,
  • Rent only in Kyrgyzstan,
  • All cars have insurance.

Insurance Conditions

  • the car is insured for an amount equal to the value of the vehicle
  • Insurance is included in the rental price
  • Insurance with deductible of $300

Rules of insurance company:

  • Don`t move car after accident, 
  • Please call to police and insurance company
  • Please prepare your documents

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21.02.20 felix schladt:Hello, a friend and myself would be interested in renting a car for four days in april in bishkek. Is it somehow possible to rent even though we are both just nineteen yet. Thanks for your help
Administration:Sorry but only from 23 year old.

11.01.20 Jan Sternal:Hello, Is the 300$ deposit to be paid in cash or blocked on credit card? Will I pay the rent by credit / debit card?
Administration:Deposit you can pay by credit card (Visa/Master Card). For rent also you can pay by credit card.

25.11.19 Jan Sternal:Hello, What is your opening time, i.e. what is the latest time in the evening when I can pick up and drop off the rental car?
Administration:Hello. We work every day from 8 am to 8 pm  - officeAirport - 24/7 but only with reservation.Thank you.

19.09.19 Karina:Hi, do I need the international Driver's license or can I rent also with the German one?
Administration:Hi. You need international or you can make translation in Bishkek (8-10 usd and 1-2 hours)

06.09.19 Mariusz Bachurzewski:Hello, we are interested in renting a car for 2 people with lugagge. Will be normal car ok to go to Issyk Kul lake and Song Kol lake regions now in September or we need 4x4 car? WHere is the place we could get the car? Is it possible to get it af the T3 Hotel in Biszkek? You can contact me by WhatsApp for the provided number.
Administration:Please check Whatsapp.

19.08.19 Michel FROGET:Hello I havé just made a réservation for a SUV from xxxx XX to xxxx XX I did not pay anything and I have no document or mail which confirm reservation Does it mean it is OK for you?
Administration:Please check youe Email. I resend confirmation.

14.08.19 unknow:Is it possible to drive with your car to Kel Suu lake? (Yurt camps nearby)
Administration:Yes it is. You can drive in all Kyrgyzstan

05.05.19 Ali:Hi, There are four of us travelling from X Xxxx to XX Xxxx and want to travel from Bishkek to Karakol and then to Son Kol and around the lake. I was wondering if you think the RX300 is suitable for this trip.
Administration:Hello. RX300 will be good for this trip. Usually we are recomend RX for trip in Kyrgyzstan

27.04.19 Sushant Padhye :Hello, Is it possible to travel around Kyrgyzstan in August in a small car like Honda Fit? Also, does the distance limit apply for all cars on all routes?
Administration:Hello. Honda fit is enought for travel around in Kyrgyzstan if you will use normal roads. You can not visit on small car mountain`s road

22.03.19 Rudiger Anlauf:Hi, with a 4WD SUV, is it generally possible to go around 1. May to Song Köl and/or the direct road Jalal Abad - Naryn (or are these roads still closed after winter?) Thanks for any reply! Regards, Rudiger
Administration:Sorry but road to Song Kul in May not available. Please check Email. Thank you.

11.03.19 Naatko:Could we rent a car if we are 19 years old, but we pay extra? If yes, how much do we need to pay? Thank you
Administration:Sorry but rent only for persons over 23 years old

06.03.19 Jaap Anders:Hi! I would like to rent a car and go to other countries as well, can you let me know what car is able to cross borders? I would like to have a 4x4 (or at least good for rugged terrain). Thank you.
Administration:Sorry but our rent only in Kyrgyzstan

28.02.19 isaac:ihi ' I wold like to order tow cars from XX/XX/XX until XX/XX/XX the cars Should be 4X4 lecxos or land cruzier stile
Administration:Please check E-mail. Thank you.

19.01.19 Timo:Hi, is it possible to go from A365 highway to Songköl Lake with a Honda Fit or other non 4x4 car? We would be traveling in late May, thank you!
Administration:Sorry, but you can not visit Song Kul Lake on small car in late May. Only from middle of June or later.

12.01.19 liliana criollo:Hi, We want to rent a car ã Bishkek because we want visite some place en Kirgyzstan, but We can left the car a Osh ? it's possible. thanks liliana
Administration:Hello. Drop of car in Osh - 10000 soms (near 144 usd) Insurance Conditions - The car (rented) insured for market value, franshise $300/$500/$800 (as your deposite) - - -if damage on more than your deposite, insurance company take deposite and after pay for car. - - -if damage on less than your deposite, pay from your deposite - Insurance only in Kyrgyzstan Insurance company don`t pay: - on car tires (unfortunately the quality of roads sometimes leaves much to be desired) - in the case of engine overheating (during heavy use is necessary to stop and wait for the complete cooling of the engine) - if you flagrantly violate traffic rules (for example: if the vehicle speed is more than 100 km/h) - the driver should not be in any or drug or alcohol condition - The driver or passengers do not have to hide from the police and not to commit illegal acts.

19.09.18 Vanessa:Hello, I want to rent a car with you. However, I am already in Central Asia and I forgot to bring an international driver's licence. I only have a French driver's licence (with Latin characters). I read on the internet that as a rule, an international drivers license is NOT mandatory. Is it possible to rent a car with you with only my national french drivers licence? Thank you
Administration:You need make translation and use it without problems

02.09.18 abby zhao:Hello there. May I drive legally and rent a car from your company with my local driving license? I don't have international driving permit and in this case, is there any way to drive in your country? Many thanks!
Administration:If your driving licence in english / russian / kyrgyz languages - you can use it in Kyrgyzstan.

20.07.18 J Dekkers:We have reservated a toyota. The 4 wheel drive are wild out. Wil we be able tot drive most roads?
Administration:Most road in Kyrgyzstan able for this car.

16.07.18 Pierre ARNAUD:Hi, I will be in Bishkek in about two days. During my stay I might need to rent a car for two or three days. I am 22 years old but I have 4 years of driving experience. I would like to know if a rent would be possible. Thank you in advance.
Administration:Please check email. Thank you.

06.06.18 Iris Bischoff: Dear Sergey, I am interested in renting a car (4wd) similar to Mazda Tribute or Lexus RX300 from XX/Xxxx/XX in the morning until XX/Xxxx/XX in the evening for 38€/day. Can you please give me detailed information about the included insurance (underbody, rockfall, tires and many infos more). Thank you very much in advance. Best regards Dr. Iris Bischoff
Administration:Please check your mail. Thank you.

01.06.18 Krzysztof Skwarciak:Hello, I would like to know if your cars can be driven in Kazakhstan as well. Thank you for your reply!
Administration:Sorry but rent only in Kyrgyzstan.

16.05.18 Andres Gross:I would like to rent a car from XX to XX Xxxx in Bishkek (not the airport). Or is it only possible for at least X days? The can be a SUV, steer preferred left-hand.
Administration:Please check your email. Thank you.

13.05.18 Aja Sticka:Hello, my friend and I will be travelling to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the last week of Xxx and first week of Xxxx. Is it possible to rent a car in Bishkek and take it across to Tajikistan? Do we have to return the car in Bishkek as well or is it possible to return the car in Tajikistan? what would be the cost for XX-XX days and how much would the international insurance be? Thank you very much and have a nice day
Administration:Hello. Sorry but rent only in Kyrgyzstan. Thank you.

26.04.18 Koen Van Den Eeckhat:Is it possible to rent one of your cars in Almaty? We would like to start our trip into Kyrgyzstan from there.
Administration:Sorry but rent only in Kyrgyzstan

09.01.18 Stefan Dobrev:Hello, I am considering renting a 4x4 (one of your cheaper ones) for a week in august. 1. how much would it cost to start in Karakol instead of Bishkek 2. I suppose these are good enough for going to Song-Kol, Tash Rabat or similar places. What are restrictions regarding going to more demanding places (e.g. Tosor pass, to Kel-Suu lake)? Are these cars good enough for that?
Administration:Please check email adress. Thank you.

21.12.17 Alessandro Bo:Hello, IS it possible to pass to travel to kazakistan with the rented car? Thank you.
Administration:Sorry but rent only in Kyrgyzstan

23.11.17 Frantisek vejmelka:Hello, what happend, if the car will not function (for example for engine failure) somwhere in a mountains - do You change us another car on these same place ? How long it takes ? Would be these change includes in a price ? Thank You, with best reghards Franta
Administration:Hello. We are change car on same place. This is change includes in price

30.08.17 Slawomir Puciul:I would like to rent a mazde tribute or similar from XX.XX to X.XX.XXXX.Write me , if the gear changer is in floor or at the steering wheel. best regards Sławomir
Administration:Please check your email. Thank you

29.07.17 Maxime Guerin:Hello, I'm coming to Kirghizistan next week and I would like to rent a car from August Хrd til Хххххх ХХ to be able to freely travel across Kirghizistan and Uzbekistan. I just a few questions: -Do I need an international driving licence to rent a car from your company? My international driving licence is outdated since January 2017 and I just have my french driving licence. I'm 31 years old. Would it be a problem? -Can I cross the Uzbek border and come back to Kirghizistan with a car from your company? I have a valid visa to travel to Uzbekistan, but will I need another official document to be allowed to drive in this country? Thank you for answering my questions. Best regards Max
Administration:Hi. Sorry but on our cars you can not across a border, rent only in Kyrgyzstan. You need international driving licence.

26.04.17 Wendy schipper:We would like to hire a car from Monday till Tuesday (Хxx Х-Х). We are 5 adults and a little child. Do you have a car available?
Administration:Yes we have available cars, please visit our office. Thank you.

11.04.17 Ian Harper Bill:Please can you reserve a Honda 1000 car for us.We want to pick the car up on the morning of the XXth of Xxxxxx and return it early on the XXst of Xxxxxx please can you e-mail to confirm the reservation. Many thanks Ian
Administration:Sorry but we can not make reservation on period less than 7 days.

06.04.17 Telmo Pereira:Hi, It is my understanding that the car must be drop of in Kyrgyzstan, but is it possible to drop of the car in Karakol for instance? Or is it mandatory to return the car in Bishkek? Thank you.
Administration:Yes you can pick up and drop off car in Karakol, but with additional pay.

22.03.17 maria hess:hi, is it possible to rent a car in bishkek and cross the border to almaty ?
Administration:Please check e-mail. Only one of our cars have internationl driving licence and you can rent this car (Lexus RX300 black). Thank you.

07.02.17, can i across border to Almaty and drop the car there? or can i across border to Almaty and back to Bishkek.please send me e-mail thanks
Administration:Sorry but rent ONLY in Kyrgyzstan

31.01.17 Peter Meissner:Hallo, which 4wd cars (4 Pers) are available from Xxxxx Xth to Xxxxx XXth? Can I make a reservation? Are there any add. costs for pick up /drop off at airport? what happens, if the car doesnt work anymore outdoor roads, how do you help? Looking forward your answer, best regards Peter
Administration:Hi. Yes of course you can make reservation on our website, please use link "Order Now". If you have some problems with car - just call to us and we change car on same. check your email. Thank you

17.11.16 vincenzo moruzzi:I would like to rent a car for 3 days in april to go around Issik Kul. 1) is the Italian driver license accepted for renting? 2) how much time in advance do I need to reserve 3) do you take credit cards for deposit? Thanks
Administration:1) If your driving licence in english. 2) any time, but only if you rent on 7 days and more. 3) You can pay by VISA/MASTERCARD

10.07.16 revital noymeire:we want to rent a jeep from XX.X-XX.X. we want the nissan x trail, and we want to know how mach it cost for XX days. waiting for your unswer. revital
Administration:Sorry, but Nissan X-Trail not available on this period. Please check e-mail, i send to you list of available cars. Thank you.

05.07.16 Arnaud:Dear Madam, Mister, I plan to visit Kirghizstan this summer with a friend and we want to rent a car for sunday ХХ of ххххх to friday ХХ of ххххххх. Do you have any availabilities for these day? And what would be the price for a SUV please? Thank a lot in advance, Regards, Arnaud
Administration:Hi. List of available 4x4 cars on this period on your email. Thank you.

08.06.16 Christoher Kossinski:Hello, 5 of us would like to rent a car for XX-XX xxxx to drive around isyl-kul, Cholponata and Karakol. The question is about driving licence, I have a full polish driving licence, which I also use without any problems in UK - can you confirm whether I can rent the cat with this licence as well at your place. Kind regards Chris
Administration:Hi. If your driving license on english language, you can use it in Kyrgyzstan. List of available cars on your e-mail. Please check. Thank you.

25.02.16 Orcun Duymaz:I would like to rent a lexus gx 470 from XX Xxxxx to XX Xxxxx XXXX. I need info about what the total price will be including all expenses. Thank you...
Administration:Please check e-mail. Thank you.

17.12.15 guy sarig:Good morning We want to rent a quote rent a jeep between the dates ХХ/ХХ/ХХХХ to ХХ/ХХ/ХХХХ And we will be happy to recive a quote Thank a lot Guy
Administration:Please check e-mail. Thank you.

19.11.15 Joseph:I want to rent car on XX.XX to XX.XX, can you send me pricelist of cars with 4x4.
Administration:Please check email. List of available cars on this period send your with price. Thank you